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Freida makes sculptural work that explores temporality, scale, material and encounter. She pays close attention to the inherent character of materials and works with them in an intuitive manner, moving between the methodical (a sense of time in making) and the direct presentation of matter as it is, or just minimally influenced.

Informed by contemporary thinking on materiality, she is interested in the point of contact or adhesion between materials- the degree to which they are anchored or integrated into each other, and the transfer or exchange between the grafted materials. In this emphasis on the moment and place of adjoining, boundaries become central, and there is often a quiet suggestion of precariousness or peril.


2020, BA in Sculpture and Combined Media, Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick, Ireland.

2012, MA in Art Therapy, Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, Ireland.

2006, BA in Sociology and Social Policy, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Recipient of the National Sculpture Factory Graduate Residency Award, 2020 and shortlisted for the RDS Visual Arts Graduate Awards, 2020. Freida's work has been supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and has featured in the Irish Arts Review. 


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